La Strada board game

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La Strada board game

Building roads can seldom have been so much fun as it is in this game. We’ve seen many board games based on the premise of limited access to areas of the board (notably Ticket to Ride board game) and La Strada takes this concept, adds a twist here and there and creates a super, playable, fun and easy-to-learn experience.

Road pieces are either straight or bends; you place these onto a randomly-created map (which reminded me in passing of Carcassonne, though it’s built from the start, not by the players). Your job in the La Strada board game is to connect elements of this random map to make your fortune.

Placing road tiles makes up your turn and the number of moves you can make is decided by action points. You can only connect a road to your warehouse, or anywhere on the board you have already built to. Continues belowDifferent types of land cost different amounts of action points to build across.

Connecting to a city allows you to build onwards from there, but also awards you victory points when the game ends. The fun is that you can block your opponents — their roads can’t cross yours — and monopolies on cities is worth much more at the death.

The La Strada board game is fun, friendly to all types of gamers (the serious and the casual) and still manages to present tons of strategic options and challenges.

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