Jumanji game

by Justin

(Fairfax, Virginia, USA)

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Quick verdict

The Jumanji board game was a mediocre purchase that fails to capture the excitement in the feature film on which it is based.

The game and gameplay

Each player chooses a pawn and places it on a path leading to the center of the board. You play by rolling a ten sided die to determine how far you travel.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Once you get to a square, you follow the instructions on the square. If you land on a blank space, you randomly draw a card and put it in the decoder to see your fate.

The fate may be that lions come to you, or a monsoon blows up in your living room. The other player then needs to “save” you by rolling their dice to the symbol corresponding to the fate card.

Check out Christian’s review of The Jumanji movieIf they fail to roll the correct symbol by eight seconds, that adventure card goes into one of 10 Doomsday slots. If the doomsday slots get filled up, the game ends and everyone loses.

If you land on Wait for five or eight, you are trapped there until someone rolls a five or eight.

If you land on a Rhino square, you may place an included toy rhino in front of any player’s pawn to block that player. When it is the player’s turn, he/she must roll an even number to remove the rhino and continue forward.

If you land on a Jungle space, everyone must try to roll a certain symbol and they all advance the amount of squares the first player rolled. There is, however, no penalty if you do not roll the symbol. If he doesn’t, they stay in the square and repeat the square’s instructions.

If you get your piece to the center of the board, you win the game.

Pros and cons

The poems on the adventure cards are pretty interesting, you get a cool toy rhino and an eight-second timer, plus the price is reasonable (or rather, it was before it became “collectable”).

The decoder is mainly a gimmick. The game gets repetitive and is mainly based on dice rolling.

The verdict

The Jumanji game might be an okay game for the younger audience, but it fails to capture the excitement of the movie and basically boils down to a simple dice rolling game. Some elements of the game, such as the rhino obstacle, is very poorly executed and the board game requires no strategy at all. I highly recommend you do not buy this game unless you are a hardcore fan of the Jumanji film.

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Nov 05, 2011

greatest board game

by: Anonymous


can these things really happen!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 28, 2011


by: Anonymous

Pls.help me how i can play this?how?pls. help me:)

where we will meet.:)

Feb 08, 2011


by: Elizabeth M

The best Game Ever! I could spend hours playing Jumanji : )

Dec 25, 2010


by: vicky


Jun 05, 2010

about game & movie

by: gayatri

I am giving two stars because the movie is much intersting but the game is not os good it is for kids

Jun 02, 2010


by: anu

we’ve searched for it in internet but it’s not there

Nov 28, 2009


by: aishwarya

this game is nice and super…….

Nov 22, 2009


by: Anonymous

really fun game

Nov 20, 2009

jumangi game

by: miranda

i love this game because u can sit down with your family and have fun

Nov 09, 2009

to hot to touch

by: salma 23

i love this game be it can be hard // = )


Oct 04, 2009

Jumanji the scarey game

by: Anonymous

I put 3 stars because its a scarey game and it is good because it is a fun game and also because something happens to us and ather people or kids who are playing and also because i liked the movie called Jumanji. By Anonymous. Thankyou

Aug 07, 2009

movie and game

by: josh

this is a great game from the movie which is alos great for people who like adventure so i rate this game 5 out of 5 and i would get the movie too which is also good too

Jun 15, 2009


by: Anonymous

It does not work!

Jun 05, 2009

very good

by: Anonymous

not as good as the movie though

Jun 04, 2009


by: haha

nice game

i really like it

Jun 03, 2009


by: Anonymous

I don’t own this I am just random

Jun 02, 2009

i like it

by: Anonymous

it’s fun

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