Incan Gold Board Game

by Gary Sonnenberg

(Waukesha, WI)

Incan Gold Board Game

Incan Gold Board Game

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Board game manufacturer:
Gryphon Games
Number of players:
20 mins

Quick verdict

If you’re looking for a quick, press-your-luck card game, you just found it in Incan Gold.

The game and gameplay

Incan Gold will keep you on the edge of your seat with every card draw after the first few. You start with a deck of treasure cards of various values. To that you add several pairs of hazard cards and a few special artifact cards.

Cards will be turned over one at a time, but before each flip, you must secretly determine whether you will continue your treasure quest or abandon it. You have a quest card (or token, depending on your version of the game) that indicates your willingness to proceed or your intention to retreat back to camp.

If you retreat, you safely take any treasure you’ve already collected – and possibly more on the way back – and deposit it safely in your tent. If you continue, you’ll gather more loot, but the chances of losing it all when the second of a pair of hazard cards shows up (ending the round) increase dramatically with each card flipped.

Play proceeds through five rounds with the winner being the treasure hunter who safely stashed the most treasure and artifacts (special cards that you can take with on retreat, if you’re the only one going back to your tent at the time) in his tent.

Pros and cons

Incan Gold is easy to learn and plays quickly.

The tents in the Gryphon games version are better than earlier versions, so try to pick up the newer version if you can.

The verdict

Whether you’re bold and daring or shy and cautious, you’ll have a great time with Incan Gold board game, especially if you can gather five or six people around the table to play. This is one of those few games where you might find someone asking to play again immediately after the first game ends because they’re certain they can do better the next time.

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Click to buy Incan Gold Board Game from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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