High School Musical Wildcat Megamix

by Amanda Nettgen


Click to order High School Musical Wildcat Megamix DVD game from Amazon!Click to order High School Musical Wildcat Megamix DVD game from Amazon!Game:
High School Musical Wildcat Megamix DVD game
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Mattel Games
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Quick verdict

High School Musical Wildcat Megamix reminds me of Scene It?, but just a little less flashy. It boasts content from all three High School Musical movies.

The game and gameplay

The board game box is more complex than the contents inside, which are basic but graphically rich.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The game doesn’t come with any paper instructions; you’ll have to watch the DVD for detailed rules (or rely on this trusty review). Wildcat Megamix claims to be a collaboration of the first two High School Musical DVD board games, with added exercises from the third movie.

A roll of the die determines who gets to pick their paper doll Disney character first. That same player will be up first when it’s time to “getcha head in the game”.Play proceeds in a clockwise fashion, and turns are an individual process. A peppy woman who sounds kind of like Vanessa Hudgens (and nails her extreme optimism to boot) will be your host during the whole event.

The starting square in High School Musical Wildcat Megamix is a WILDcat spot. This means all participants will get to choose from whichever one of the categories that suits their fancy on their first turn. The categories include: Dance, Who Said That?, Actual or SO Not!?, and Song.

High School Musical Wildcat Megamix DVD game. Click to order from Amazon!Click to order High School Musical Wildcat Megamix DVD game from Amazon!With dance, an on-screen clip will ensue of a dance number from one of the High School Musical movies. Players are encouraged to dance along, but you just might miss the flash of red figures reading the three dance moves if you become too wrapped up.

Keeping an eye on these quick symbols is the best way to tell what the answer is. You must then select the correct combination of moves from a list of three options to beat the challenge.

Anytime you are correct you roll your next location and keep it going. If you flunk out your turn is over, and play advances to the following contender.

You’ve probably already guessed what Who Said That? entails. Indeed, trivia in this category comes in the form of lines pulled from the trilogy. You must highlight the right speaker’s face from a set of three to move on in the game. Unless you eat, sleep, and breathe High School Musical, this activity won’t automatically be a breeze.

Actual or SO Not!? is probably the hardest of the four categories. You’re presented with a collection of three HSM snapshots; only one of them is the true image from one of the movies. Differences tend to be subtle, such as a color change for an article of clothing. If you can’t recall the color of the hat in the first place, the odds aren’t in your favor.

Song was my favorite and the category I personally found to be the easiest. Simply select from a multiple choice of words to fill in the missing lyrics from a High School Musical song.

The first fan to hit the final square and complete one last exercise from their worst category is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S and wins the game. A congratulations montage featuring your selected playing character will ensue. Play as each character to see them all.

Pros and cons

As far as pros, the DVD game is light with little set up. It’s easy enough for most kids fans to play on their own. It has an adequate time span in game play – neither too long nor too short.

Some gripes with High School Musical Wildcat Megamix are that it doesn’t tell you what the correct answer is if you guess wrong, and that the trivia questions lack social appeal because you do them on your won.

The verdict

This race to see who has the most High School Musical smarts is for those familiar with the movies only. It’s more ideal for younger fanatics than older ones.

Boardgame Beast gives High School Musical Wildcat Megamix three footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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