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Click to order the Hide and Seek game from Amazon!Click to order the Hide and Seek game from Amazon!Game:
Hide and Seek
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Lemon Tree Games
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Quick verdict

Hide and Seek is a cute, fairly simple game that will appeal to families looking for a cross-generational activity.

The game and gameplay

Really there are two Hide and Seek games in one here. Game one is a simple, one-person-is-it board game. IT stands on the Home square and the other players receive a card with their secret hiding place on it.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!IT has to chase down the other players (or accidentally find their hiding place if they’re still hidden), while the rest of the gang must try to safely arrive Home.

In Game two, anybody who is caught by IT or who arrives Home safely joins in the hunt for the remaining players. This is a better option for younger players who might be bored of waiting for each round to finish once they’re caught or have got to safety.

Determine who’s going to be IT before play begins (we found taking it in turns made more sense than throwing a die).

Before each round begins, everybody but IT rolls a six-sided die. This has the six and one removed and replaced by clover and rabbit symbols. If the player throws a number, they can opt to stay hidden, but if they throw a symbol, they must reveal themselves.

Now IT throws a similar eight-sided die (again with one and eight removed in place of symbols). IT must chase the other players around the board.

Any player who throws a rabbit or clover must move their token to any rabbit or clover square. This allows quick movement around the board, but makes them vulnerable.

The Hide and Seek game is very robust.Click to order the Hide and Seek game from Amazon!If IT throws a similar symbol, IT will be able to land on the same rabbit or clover to catch the player!

If your turn finishes on a rock in the creek, you float downstream to the next rock.

First player Home gets two points. Any other player who gets Home gets one point. IT gets a point for every player they catch. The winner of the Hide and Seek game is first player to reach a target number of points.

Pros and cons

Hide and Seek could not be better built. The box and board are the most robust I’ve ever seen. Only the tokens are a little flimsy: wooden ones would have been classier.

Gameplay is fairly satisfying. Unfortunately, our kids are too young for this game: our eldest is only four. He was excited to play, but his attention didn’t hold for more than a couple of rounds.

His grandmother found it very enjoyable.

Mom was the biggest sceptic. She found it confusing to tell who was IT in each round of the Hide and Seek game. She suggested a little matching coloured crown/ring to put over the token, or even a special IT token, would be a better way to differentiate IT from the other players.

I’m not entirely sure that the “choose to stay hidden” mechanic works all that well. It might make more sense to throw the die each round and then be forced to come out of hiding if you throw a symbol. Otherwise some players are going to miss a lot of action.

The verdict

The Hide and Seek game is very pretty, simple enough for youngish children and playable for older children and adults in family company. It’s a solid debut for Lemon Tree Games.

Boardgame Beast gives Hide and Seek three footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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