Herd Your Horses board game

by The Beast!

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Herd Your Horses board game

Looking for a horse-themed board game for girls? “Neigh” problem! This is a tremendous choice that has been overwhelmingly well-received by parents who purchased it for their children or other female relatives.

Because girls love horses, the chance to play a stallion protecting its herd, or ranchers rounding up wild horses, is surely irresistible.

The artwork really makes this game special. Everything is beautifully designed and painted. Tokens are horse-themed. The instructions come complete with horse facts, so your kids learn as they play.

For 2-4 players aged 7-12yrs. Click to check the price of Herd Your Horses on Amazon, but don’t overlook eBay: we found some very well-priced, but still new in sealed box, editions that could save you some cash.If you’ve played this board game, please rate it by clicking on the Comments link below.

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