Hasbro Game of Life

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Hasbro Game of Life!

Hasbro Game of Life PC

Rating out of five:


+ Very cute graphics and sound
+ Mini-games in enhanced mode add a lot to the gameplay
– Computer players get lucky too often
– Hasbro shut down the downloadable versions

Hasbro shut down the download versions of Game of Life, so you can only buy this at Amazon. BOO, Hasbro!

If you’ve played the board Game of Life, then this game will be both familiar and totally alien to you. It retains many of the great elements that made the board game special, though, which may be enough for many fans.

Just like the Click to read our Game of Life board game reviews!Game of Life board game (click for reviews), Hasbro Game of Life puts you in the driving seat of a car and sets you off on the road through college, a career, marriage, kids, investments, experiences and finally on to retirement. Hazards are mainly financial, which is explained once you know the idea is to retire with the most money. But just like real life, lots of problems lie in wait: school fees, medical bills, breakdowns, even lawsuits!

You can play regular or enhanced. In enhanced mode, there are mini-games which determine the outcome of certain elements of the game. These include a memory puzzle, the winner of which will do better in court when there’s a lawsuit, a number spinning gambling game and more. Enhanced mode IS more fun. Try playing enhanced mode first and then going back to regular and you’ll see what I mean.

Along the board, which is set out in pseudo-3D and done in nice cartoon graphics, you’ll come to various STOP signs. These are crucial moments in your LIFE progression, including marriage, college, buying your first house and changing career.

Meanwhile, Paydays will appear along the road. Sometimes you’ll be able to negotiate a pay rise, again with a mini-game. Get too greedy and you’ll end up with nothing though… You can play with computer AI players, or against humans in a hot-seat format.

Hasbro Game of Life computer game is fun. It replaces the need to find human opponents and is a very good choice of game as a gift for kids aged 7-12. Even so, older players can still enjoy it. Recommended.

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