Harry Potter MagiCreatures

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Harry Potter MagiCreatures

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Quick Verdict

If you perceive card games in general as boring, predictable, and lengthy and you got this way of thinking that once you have played one card game, you’ve played them all, Harry Potter MagiCreatures card game probably hasn’t landed in your hands yet. If you are quite familiar about the famous Pit card game that has been around forever, you’ll have at least an idea how this Potter-inspired card game rolls.

The game and gameplay

Playing the game is fairly easy. Game instructions that teach the basics are included on the fold-out playing mat. After a game or two, you would hardly even need the rules so you can skip the mat and play on your own.

MagiCreatures is a trading card game, where players simultaneously get rid of unwanted cards, each trying to be the first to collect six creature cards of a kind. The winner of each round collects a point card, and the game continues until all point cards are won. Players add up the number on their point card and the one with the highest total wins.

Along with the 42 creature cards are Harry Potter and Hagrid cards that function as wild cards, and a Dementor card that players must get rid of. Sure these cards can add a layer of depth to the game but they can simply be left out if you choose not to include them in play.

Pros and cons

The card art design is quite silly. Though it is something that kids would likely appreciate, adults would find the artwork rather petty. Illustrations could have been done better but being that this game is primarily designed for children, one can’t really complain.

The game plays moderately fast with each round lasting a few minutes at most.

There is no downtime during a round – there is no turn sequence, because all players trade cards at the same time. This is a good thing, especially for kids: you don’t have to worry that they will lose interest in the game when it is not their turn.

The Verdict

Harry Potter MagiCreatures is a wonderful game suited to be played with kids. Everything is fast and entertaining. It doesn’t involve a lot of strategy and the mechanics are just easy to grasp. As long as you are not looking for depth, this is a great game for all ages.

Click to buy Harry Potter MagiCreatures from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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