Harry Potter Diagon Alley

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Harry Potter Diagon Alley

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Quick verdict

Diagon Alley board game takes the players to Diagon Alley, where they will experience what it would be like to visit the shops and purchase school supplies like wands, owls, books, cauldrons, potions, and robes.

The game and gameplay

The object of the game is to visit all the shops on the board and get your school supplies for Hogwarts before your opponents do. The first one to fill their trunk (where you keep your supplies) and return to the Leaky Cauldron is the winner.

The game has easy-to-understand instructions with a beautifully designed game board. It takes a little while to read the directions and figure out how everything works, but once you get the hang of it, everything makes sense.

Each player uses a plastic wizard’s hat as playing pieces and a small trunk to hold the school supplies. You have to make stops at Gringott’s bank several times to get enough wizard’s money (Sickles, Knuts, and Galleons) to purchase supplies. It adds so much fun in the game being able to withdraw money from the bank and spend it on everything that you’ll need.

The game is made even more exciting by the use of magic spells. Spell cards allow you to knock other players off course, send them to Knockturn Alley, lock shops to keep others from getting their supplies, or just steal a school supply out of your opponents’ trunks. There are also defense cards to block your opponents trying to take your supplies or use other spells against you.
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Pros and cons

There is a lot of strategy involved in Diagon Alley, and it takes a couple of games before you can master some. The players have to understand when to spend their money, when to block a move and when to protect themselves.

It is really fun to be able to cast spells on your opponents and use defenses against them. Dealing with wizard’s money throughout the game to obtain supplies is a clever idea. Should smaller kids have trouble following the main rules, the creators have included simplified rules for an easier version of the game.

The Verdict

Harry Potter Diagon Alley board game is a fun game for kids of all ages. It is a great way to introduce strategy games to children at a young age. This would be perfect for adults too, who will surely enjoy this fast-paced game where everybody has a chance to win. It is easy to understand and really fun to play. As for Harry Potter fanatics, they will definitely find this game as one of the best games to fulfill the fantasies of being at Hogwarts.

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