Harry Potter Adventures Through Hogwarts Electronic 3-D Game

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Harry Potter Adventures Through Hogwarts Electronic 3-D Game

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Quick Verdict

Adventures Through Hogwarts is a complex game that will test the problem-solving skills of the players as they navigate the Hogwarts castle in a quest to locate the ever elusive Sorcerer’s Stone. Like no other Harry Potter board games that have been released, this is played on a 3D Hogwarts replica. The set is completely designed with its well-detailed rooms to give the kids a fun re-enactment of the entire Sorcerer’s Stone adventure.

The game and gameplay

Assembly might take a long time, but it is part of the fun and does build up the excitement before actually playing with the set. The game pieces that come with the set are quite small, make sure to keep an eye on every piece so that nothing gets lost.

While clear directions on how to play the game are included, it may require a fair amount of time to gain proper understanding, so a young child could have a little trouble dealing with it. It would be best to have an adult around to review the rules and act as a guide, especially during the first time of play.

After playing it twice or so, the rules become easy to remember. The best thing about the rules provided is that is carefully describes each room in detail. This is a plus, because each room has its own set of rules only applicable to that particular room.

The game itself is a relatively simple move through the fictional school, but it’s livened up by the electronic gizmos, sounds and lights, which make it fun to play.

The 3D Hogwarts setup rotates 360 degrees so players don’t have to move around the board. Two great features that add fun are the electronic light and sound effects which are integral parts of the game.

Pros and cons

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A good thing about this game is that it works as a play set as well. When kids don’t want to use it for a board game, they would love playing with it as if it is a stand-alone toy.

The set is solidly built and should pass the test of time (if you can prevent your kids from losing the small pieces).

While there are a lot of positive comments on Amazon for this game, there’s one minor flaw that needs to be brought up. Magic spells play a part in this game. It can affect the progress of other players by sending them back a room or two, but when to use them and how far they can send others back are poorly described in the rules. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make up your own rules, agreed upon by other players before the game begins, to address this issue.

Adults will soon tire of the game if ‘persuaded’ to play multiple times in quick succession.

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The Verdict

A Potter fan should consider purchasing Adventures Through Hogwarts. It is equally fun and interesting for both kids and adults. It is likely that anyone will enjoy this game even without having read the book or seen the movie.

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