Golf Solitaire card game

by Amanda Nettgen


Golf Solitaire!

Golf Solitaire card game

Rating out of five:


+ Uncomplicated yet addicting game play
+ It’s very fast to be able to pick up and play
+ Random card boards increases the chances for any player to win a cash game
– There are no fun frills in this online version

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Golf Solitaire at GSN is a very straightforward but fun card game involving both luck and skill. You have 3 minutes in the online game to clear your cards and rack up a good golf score.

Golf Solitaire is sort of like playing the card game, War, with yourself. Each game comes with a screen of random cards positioned just like Freecell. It’s up to you to clear the card piles by clicking on values that are either higher or lower than your Draw stack. You can only use the top card from a line on the playing field.

It’s common knowledge in golf that a good swing is the key to one’s game success; well in the Solitaire version, it’s also important to perform long, stable “swings”. A swing in the game is defined as being able to knock out many cards from the playing field at once simply by having them all build off of each other in higher/lower style.

Not only will you net more points from collecting cards in rapid succession, you’ll also increase the chances of you making par or better by not having to rely on the Draw stack for new card-clearing opportunities.

The golf round is over either when you’ve run out of moves, or managed to get a hole-in-one by having a perfect game.

Golf Solitaire is a solid card game that’s enjoyable to play time and again. GSN’s edition does not have a personality “on par” with other takes of the game, though. Give it a try FREE today!

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