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Gift Trap
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Quick Verdict

Gift Trap is a fun “guess who would do what” fantasy game that’s billed as a test of your emotional intelligence. Repeated playings may tire you of the concept, but it’s a good ice-breaker.

The game and gameplay

The aim of the game is to be “GIFTED” in both giving and receiving fantasy gifts. Each player receives two plastic gifts: One closed and one open. They also receive “give” and “get” tokens to place on the board, which is a grid pattern of 3×3 squares. Around the outside of the board are two tracks, representing gifts given and received.Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!There are different-color decks of cards (each color represents a fantasy budget level) with a wide variety of gifts on them, appropriate to the budget. Each round, up to nine (as many cards as there are players, plus one) are dealt face-up on the grid.

Each player studies the board and decides which of the gifts to give to the other players, concealed. You can only give each gift once! Hand the appropriate token to each player. The aim here is to guess which gift they would choose for themselves. Once this is done, each player lays face-down four tokens on four of the gifts. The tokens say what the player feels about the gifts: Great, Good, OK or No Way.

Now players take turns revealing their decisions and then compare them to the gifts received from the rest of the players. The giver and receiver score three points if they gave the player a Great gift, two for a Good gift and one for an OK gift, but minus one for a gift the revealing player did not mention at all — and minus FOUR if they gave the No Way gift. The revealing player loses four points when this happens, too, which seems drastically unfair, but keeps the game funny!

As you score, you move your open gifts along the received path and the closed gift along the given path. Get both your gifts to the GIFTED square to win the game.

Pros and cons

Gift Trap is a fun and clever concept that is easy to learn and a perfect “mixed crowd” type of game, that can appeal to pretty much anybody.

The best part about the Gift Trap board game is trying to guess what your friends and family would choose for themselves, as well as trying to out-think what your opponents would give to one another and to you. Knowing the people you play with is essential, otherwise the game is pretty much pointless.

The game is made really nicely and packs into a superbly-designed box, with each player’s goodies coming in a wedding-style organza bag.

The only negative is, you probably won’t want to play it too often. The concept could tire if you always play in the same group.

The verdict

The Gift Trap board game is very interesting and feels like a breath of fresh air in the party games market. I won’t play it often, but I will enjoy it when I do.

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