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Conquer Club is an online boardgame in the Risk style.Conquer Club: Free online Risk game
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Salamander Software
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Quick verdict

Conquer Club is a multiplayer online board game in the Risk style. Some new angles and twists on the original concept, plus the joy of the multiplayer world wide experience, means fans of the ‘real’ game will love this online offering.

The game and gameplay

Conquer Club is a turn-based strategy game similar to the very popular world domination Risk board game. (Note that Conquer Club is in no way affiliated with Parker Brothers or Hasbro). The objective is to eliminate all of your opponents from the playing field. The rules are essentially the same as the board game, with some twists added.
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The game is played on a board depicting a map of the world, divided into several territories, which are generally then grouped into continents. The territories are divided among all of the players and any remainder of territories is made neutral.

Players then take turns deploying armies, attacking their opponents and fortifying their already owned territories. Each player is allowed a full day to take his or her turn, but the games progress faster if more turns are taken each day. If a player misses their turn, they must forfeit the turn for that round, but are still credited with their armies.

Unlike the regular board game, this online board game of Risk allows special features to be added.

Conquer Club is an online boardgame in the Risk style.
There is a chat function, which enables you to brag about how good you are or complain about someone’s move.

This can sometimes be abused, but is for the most part fairly useful, especially in developing strategies in a team game.

There are several maps to choose from, ranging from France and Middle Earth to Space and the US Senate and if you want to be plain, the World. You can start or join different public or private tournaments with your friends which can get exciting, but secret alliances are discouraged, as well as multiple accounts.

You can pick different settings, such as how you want bonus cards to be dealt out or if unlimited fortifications are allowed. A new feature is Fog of War, which masks enemy positions that are not adjacent to your forces to quite literally keep you in the dark about enemy movements.

The site runs almost perfectly, and there’s always a game just for you that can be played. Your account is free, though they offer an upgrade to Premium Membership, so no hassle with paying monthly.The site has a great forum and is always running, with thousands of games being played at once. Check it out at

The verdict

Conquer Club is awesome. If you’re a big fan of Risk and other strategy games, this is the best online board game of Risk available. It can get fast paced and a tactical game that you find yourself playing for hours. Highly recommended.

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