FBI card game

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FBI card game

Take on the role of the world’s best-known agency. Every player has six agents in the field and must try to put away America’s most wanted bad guys.

You select suspects from a line-up and secretly assign agents to each suspect. Your opponents must try to anticipate your moves and counter them with their own agents. Each round, you must add somebody to your slammer, but as you’ll see, slammers change hands each turn, which is where the strategy comes into play. Continues below

Arresting innocent bystanders loses you points, while getting the most notorious villains earns you points. The final round begins when the last suspect card is dealt. Then points are added up, including bonuses for the highest-scoring suspect of each color.

Turns are dictated by the person who reveals the highest-scoring suspect from their slammers, so there is strong strategy in managing which order you play in, especially towards the end of the game. You’ll need to remember which slammer has which suspects and aim to be in control of the best slammer after the final round.

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