Fashion Solitaire game

by Amanda Nettgen


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Fashion Solitaire game
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Quick verdict

What do you get when you throw together design, dress up and cards? Fashion Solitaire, of course!

What’s it about?

Fashion Solitaire is all about catering clothes to the models’ (and your) preferences. You get creative with the requirements by picking through an assortment of fabrics that are hung solitaire-style on your screen.
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Each model needs a shirt, skirt, shoes, and even a hairdo before you can send her on the catwalk. There are a minimum number of getup expectations to meet to pass a level, and you’ll earn money for each goal above that.

At the end of a round, you’ll be complimented more than modestly, and you get to pick your favorite design from the level for the fashion games show that occurs at the close of each stage.
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More motifs are unlocked, and the opportunity to go shopping to trade in some of the ugly defaults is presented.

Pros and cons

+ An unlimited Undo button is available in the Fashion Solitaire game, as are store piles where you can set aside up to five unwanted frocks. You can also pile pieces from the same category onto each other to save space.

+ Each of the 8 stages is outfitted for a different theme, from a night on the town to workout gear.Click to download Fashion Solitaire FREE and LEGAL with GamePass!

+ 48 levels in all, making for many hours of happy gameplay.

+ The solitaire configurations become trickier as you advance.

+ One of the best features of Fashion Solitaire is the ability to create and wear your own clothes from dozens of fabrics. Your models will even earn bonus cash anytime they sport one of your designer threads.

+ A photography mini-game saves snapshots of your best looks for the theme. These pictures are available for E-mail.

The Sims-like graphics are kind of choppy.

Obviously in favor of a specific gender.

The verdict

The Fashion Solitaire game is a neat little pursuit where creativity meets strategy. Who knew pairing clothes with cards could be so stylish (and fun!)?

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Jul 26, 2011


by: Anonymous

I love it because i love fashion but thay should put it 2hours because alot of peaople love this game so much, but they caint efford it

Jul 26, 2011


by: Anonymous

they should have the free trial 2hours because alot of people caint pay for the game

Aug 31, 2010


by: Anonymous

verrrrrrrry nicccccccccccce

Apr 05, 2010


by: Anonymous


Oct 14, 2009


by: bipasha

i just love this game.i am rerching for this game,if i find it i will bye it anyway

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