Family Feud PC game

by Amanda Nettgen


Family Feud PC game!

Family Feud PC game

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+ Two Family Feud PC games FREE in the same download!
+ FF II has superior graphics and sound
+ A great choice of game for the whole family to enjoy
– Loses some appeal if you’re playing alone

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Family Feud is a beloved, long-running game show that pits two families against each other to supply answers to surveys. Family Feud for the PC gives you the opportunity to be a contestant as well, from the comfort of your home instead of in the glare of stage lights.

If you’re playing alone, you’ll try to beat average scores to win. If you’re surveying with other people, the aim is to accumulate 300 points first. Click to get this game FREE now from GameHouse!

The Family Feud PC game can be best compared to the board game Outburst or Scattergories. It plays pretty much exactly like the TV game show, and it’s fun! Each round runs the same: the nice guys at Family Feud polled 100 people about an offbeat topic, and the top responses (up to 8) serve as answers on the game board.

Your answers show up in the position of their popularity on the game board, with a red square depicting the percentage of people who gave the particular answer. You need to be fast because there’s a time limit, but not so fast that you punch in poor or half-hearted remarks. You’re permitted three red Xs, or Strikes, before your turn is over. The remaining answers will then be presented and your score will be compared to an average score for that sequence. Click to get this game now!

Team play is the same except for, of course, the fact that you’re competing against another “family”. The first party to touch their respective Shift key gets to guess first for a round; if they don’t come up with the #1 answer, though, a chance to steal goes to the other family. If the other family gets it right but winds up lacking knowledge in the category with three Strikes, the right passes back to the original team.

Family Feud is an enjoyable premise all round. You’ll chuckle to yourself over some of the dumb answers people gave, and from your obvious overlooks (answers you should have known). A good strategy is to always guess the responses that seem like a sure shot first. The graphics are not bad but nothing fancy and it’s just Family Feud – pure and simple – with no extras.

The survey says… you’ll like the Family Feud PC game if you’re a fan of the show. Even if you don’t have the Game Show Network and therefore can’t watch the show regularly, 1 out of 1 board game reviewers say you’ll find it entertaining and/or addictive anyway.

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Feb 24, 2012



by: Robert

this is the best game evaaaaaaaar

Jul 19, 2011

by: Anonymous

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