Family Feud Internet game

by Amanda Nettgen


Family Feud Internet game!

Family Feud Internet game

Rating out of five:


+ A generous time bonus is awarded per play
+ I really like being able to reveal letters if I need to
– It’s much too short, and there aren’t cash competitions going all of the time

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Family Feud at GSN consists of one round and a bonus round of the classic gameshow. It has a slightly different style than other PC versions of Family Feud.

Family Feud gets right to the action and doesn’t waste any time on introductions. My first category was a fun “circus animals”, and I was surprised to see that each of the four results already came equipped with one letter revealed. I was given the choice to solve, pass, or uncover even more letters in the phrase with each new clue.

I think the hangman-style method of answering makes the game much easier. No longer do you have to blindly come up with responses that seem like they could relate, but turn out to be not popular enough. The familiar red Xs are present if you guess wrong, but they shouldn’t be a common occurrence with the novel hints at your disposal.

You graduate to the Bonus Round so long as you complete the four puzzles within the two-minute time limit. In the final chance for points in this Family Feud Internet game, you merely have to select what you think was the most popular answer to a question from a list of 4 given options. You net extra points for the first to third most popular choices.

This Family Feud online game is a fun twist on what you might have seen in the past. It’s an entertaining option if you’re looking to kill time for a few minutes. Give it a try today!

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