Elfenland Board Game

by Pamela Laurenne Laserna


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Rio Grande Games
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Quick verdict

Elfenland is a dream come true for fans of fantasy RPG board games and the mythical world. The game’s back story is enticing and the details have a nice appeal.

The game and gameplay

Set in the whimsical world of elves, players take in the role of fledgling elves and are given the mission to visit as many of the twenty Elfencities as they can in a given time.

These cities can be reached by going over desert, fields, forest, water or mountain segments making use of magical transportation such as Pigs, Elfbikes, Magic Clouds, Trollwagons, and Dragons to accomplish their task.

It may sound like child’s play at first, but various twists and fun rules are made simple enough so that players won’t find themselves going back to the instructions in the middle of the game. Still it would be best to have a practice round before starting with a formal game. Bring in a timer if some people take too long figuring out their route.Click to buy Elfenland from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

Strategy plays a crucial role. Players need to come up with a really good “travel plan” in such a way that they can access a city effortlessly but making the routes difficult for other players.

This is probably the most fun part of the game; other players deal with the misfortunes caused by a wise player. This hardly happens when you have fewer than four players. While it can be played with two players, there is less chance of them coming across each other’s paths, thus making the game less challenging and intense.

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Players are also faced with the decision on what form of transportation they’re going to use, since some types will work better over a certain terrain and some may not even work at all.

Game play can be adjusted with regards to the players involved. Moves to block each other can be put to play if the players are all adults. However, it is best to keep the mechanics of the game simple if there are younger children participating.

Once they get comfortable with the game, adult players can gradually introduce the more complex mechanics.

The verdict

To people who love games but aren’t hardcore gamers, Elfenland should be high on your list of must-buys.

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Click to buy Elfenland from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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