Eaten by Zombies Board Game

by Thomas Riccardi

(Sacramento, CA)

Click to buy Eaten by Zombies from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Eaten by Zombies
Board game manufacturer:
Mayday Games
Number of players:
30 mins

Quick verdict

It is the 1950s and Eisenhower is president, rock and roll music is sweeping the country and zombies have come back from the dead to eat the living. This is the subject of the newest game from mayday games called Eaten By Zombies!

The game and gameplay

You start the game by selecting one of four characters: June, Bob, Barney or Mary and each of the core cards are themed to your character. As you are hiding your safe house you have managed to scrounge together some items that will help you.

There are big sticks (which give you +1 to fight), hide (giving you +1 to flee) and sandwiches (that give you +1 to flee but you can draw a card). You get 12 cards in your deck and you will shuffle this deck and draw six cards at random.

At the start of your turn you will shuffle the deck that contains the zombie cards and place a card face up. Then you can decide whether you want to fight the zombie or flee as you have to match or exceed the value of the fight or flee values on the card.

If you fight the zombie it is removed from play but if you flee you can outrun the zombies but you will lose half the flee value of cards from your hand. If you fail to fight or flee you must discard the amount of cards in your hand equal to the hordes flee value.

But either fighting or fleeing you can scavenge cards to put them into your hand and how you do this is by how many cards you played to defeat zombies. For example: if you discarded five cards you can purchase two cards that cost 3 and 2 or one card for 5.

The only way to win the game is to be the last one left alive and in a 2 player game that is fine.

Click to buy Eaten by Zombies from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!But in a 3 to 4 player game that might be a bit harder and if you die in a 3 to 4 player game you come back as a zombie and have a chance to add zombies to the deck.

Pros and Cons

Eaten By Zombies board game is really fast paced and fun to play and has some great card art to get your players in the mood. This is a great game as it is simple to play with two players as it is with four.

And to make matters better there are scenarios included in the back of the instruction manual where you have certain loot cards on the table.

What I love most about this game is the box as it looks like an ammo box and it fits all the cards snugly in the case so it’s easy to store and retrieve the cards for play.

The verdict

Eaten By Zombies is one of the most fun games to play as you can stab your friends in the back.

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Click to buy Eaten by Zombies from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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