Dutch Golden Age

by The Beast!

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Dutch Golden Age

This good-looking board game is based on the era of Dutch colonial ascendancy, around 400 years ago. Despite that setting and the fine artwork, Dutch Golden Age bears more than a passing resemblance to… Monopoly!

Though instead of buying properties around the board, you fight your opponents for control of the colored provinces in the center. Whoever’s in charge of a province collects cash when another player lands on that color on the track around the outside of the board.

Cards are essential to the gameplay and collecting the right sets or combinations can make or break your strategy. Continues belowYes, there’s that random element again — drawing cards, throwing dice, it’s luck luck luck!

But there’s more than pure chance involved in Dutch Golden Age. You can ‘save up’ blue cards to establish a colony in the new world, or take control of a guild. These all add to your overall victory points, which determine the eventual winner.

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