Dungeon Twister

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Imagine playing the Hero Quest board game, but instead of being bound by rules designed to appeal to 8-14yr-olds, you are playing a truly adult experience; a game which relies on strategy rather than luck to see you through; and which allows you to muck about with really cool minis, if you can afford to upgrade from the basic cardboard stand-up tokens.

You’re imprisoned in a dungeon by a mad wizard and must either escape, or use the powers you have available to wipe out your enemy! The genuine “twist” in this two-player game is that each room may be twisted, should you have the option on your turn. This can either assist you in getting through a room, gaining an item, or avoiding a monster, or preventing your opponent from doing the same. Continues belowCombat is resolved using the character’s base combat power, plus a card from your hand. Both players reveal their card simultaneously and the highest total wins. The game is won or lost on Victory Points, which are awarded for achieving many different tasks; notably for slaying an enemy, or getting one of your characters out of the dungeon safely.

If you enjoy the game, then there are plenty of expansions, including a 3-4 player upgrade, as well as miniatures, and a sequel. Dungeon Twister is a slam-dunk for RPG board game fans.Always be sure to check the current eBay prices — you’ll often save big money over the Amazon price.

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