Dungeon Petz Board Game

by Gary Sonnenberg

(Waukesha, WI)

Dungeon Petz Board Game

Dungeon Petz Board Game

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Board game manufacturer:
Czech Games Edition
Number of players:
90 mins

Quick verdict

Dungeon Petz is a deep engaging experience that is an exercise in managing chaos. Despite its lighthearted theme, it is a fairly complicated and lengthy game. For those gamers looking for a meatier game that is dripping with theme, this game is for you.

The game and gameplay

In Dungeon Petz, you are a family of imps that has decided to open a pet store that raises pets specifically catered towards Dungeon Lords. Unfortunately, several other imp families had the same idea. Therefore, you are competing with the other imp families to have the pet store with the best reputation.

You gain reputation through exhibitions, such as a Magic Show or a Children’s Day, in which you show off your pets, and also by selling your pets to buyers. However, before you can show them off and sell them, you need to meet your pets’ needs.

Here is where the chaos comes in. Needs are assigned to pets based on the number and color of cards shown on each pet. Almost everything in the game is designed around making it easier to manage the chaos involved in assigning these needs. Whether it be buying a cage that meets certain needs, or getting artifacts that allow you to draw have additional cards and, therefore, additional choices.

The chaos involving the needs cards and the various ways of accommodating for the chaos really gives the feeling of caring for pets. Just like real pets, you get better at caring for them over time, but every now and then they throw you for a loop.

The theme is well integrated throughout the game and leads to an experience that leaves you wanting to play again.

Pros and cons

Pros: Fun, well-integrated theme, every game is different.

Cons: Fair amount of luck with the needs cards, lengthy gameplay and rules explanation, not good for casual gamers.

The verdict

Dungeon Petz rides a fine line. It is too heavy for casual gamers, yet it has more luck than most hardcore gamers like. If you don’t mind luck, this game is for you. Each game will be different based on what pets you choose to buy as well as what exhibitions and buyers show up. It plays well with any number of players (2-4). The theme is fun and makes you forget you’re playing a game.

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Click to buy Dungeon Petz Board Game from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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