Disney Scene It?

by Amanda Nettgen


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Disney Scene It?
Board game manufacturer:
Mattel/Screenlife, LLC
Number of players:
2-4 (players or teams)
6+ (with adult supervision)

Quick verdict

Disney Scene It? is the kid version of the more adult, original Scene It? It of course has a Disney theme.

The game and gameplay

This game is a DVD game and accompanying board that quizzes you on all things Disney. It is a trivia challenge that first requires you to lay out the game board, cards and metal representations of Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Choose a DVD Master from your bunch who will guide all players through the game menus. Then get ready to transform your living room into “the happiest place on Earth!” Well, almost.

The game suggests a dull “highest roll” method for determining who goes first. Why not have the player whose birthday is closest to that of Walt Disney (12/05) go first instead? From there, each turn a player rolls two die on their go – one to determine the number of spaces they move, the other to decide the fate of the category to be played.The game categories include My Play and All Play DVD challenges and Take Three, Songs and Slogans and Mousellaneous trivia questions.

A player is on their own for all of those categories except All Play, where a chance to overthrow the contender’s turn takes place. DVD clips are straight from Disney movies and songs, and trivia questions have Adult and Kid distinctions.

If a player ends up getting the proposed challenge right, he or she is granted the right to roll again. If the competitor happened to be resting on a Double Feature space at the time, the roll for their next turn is multiplied by two.

A contestant wins Disney Scene It? by making it all the way through the board (which could be a long or short journey, depending on what suits your fancy). They face the other players on a final All Play to Win challenge.

If the imminent victor loses, he or she must reroute to Final Cut, answering a number of questions in order to win on the next turn(s).

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Pros and cons

Click to search Amazon for Scene It? DisneyClick to search Amazon for Scene It? DisneyDisney Scene It? makes for a good baby-sitting game. It appeals to pretty much all children, as what kid doesn’t like watching Disney? Adult fans of Disney may enjoy it, too.

The bad thing about Disney Scene It? is that whoever’s watched the most Disney is probably going to win. Adults who grew up watching the movies will probably find the game too easy and annihilate any kids that are playing. I think the game would be best played by a range of players with only a moderate knowledge of Disney in order for it to be fun for everyone.

I recommend adult supervision when it comes to working the remote (especially if yours has a lot of buttons) and guiding the gameplay in general. Also, there are too many pieces for most kids to keep track of on their own.

The verdict

If you’re a fan of Disney and don’t care about the risk of it being too easy, by all means, get Disney Scene It? It’s a fun, semi-educational game for your kids, as long as you’re prepared to have to referee each time the young’uns wish to play.

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