Cuponk Ping Pong Tricks Game

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Click to buy Cuponk Ping Pong Tricks Game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Cuponk Ping Pong Tricks Game

While it’s not strictly a board game, we couldn’t help but share this game with you, because our boys (aged five and three) have been all over it since it arrived in the house!

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Cuponk is really just a tarted-up version of the classic teenage distraction of playing ping pong trick shots into a plastic cup (paddles are optional). The kicker here is, you get cards with tricks on them and have a certain number of tries to make each shot described on the cards.

Some shots are more difficult and you are allowed to make these with or without bounces, but if bounces are shown on the card, then you MUST make the shot using that many bounces.

A successful hit on the cup results in (for the Gorilla version) some kind of weird ape noises and flashing lights, apparently created by a human actor (amazingly in some cases — there’s one noise that resembles the Tie Fighters from Star Wars swooping in!).

Click to buy Cuponk Ping Pong Tricks Game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!We found two other versions of this game on Amazon: Let it R.I.P. and El Campeon.

All of the game versions come with an accessory — made from shiny card and which don’t have the look of permanence about them. But that is the only complaint really, as even the ping pong trick shot balls are super-high quality with nice graphics on them, while the Cuponk cup is solid plastic, nice and stable and designed with fins inside to prevent bounceouts.

Aimed at kids aged nine or over, as I hinted at earlier, the Cuponk Ping Pong Tricks game is quite enjoyable by younger players. You don’t really need the card element of the game, but older players will enjoy that aspect.

You don’t have to be into ping pong or beer pong to get a lot out of the Cuponk Ping Pong Tricks game; it’s just as valid for adults as kids. A fun family distraction that will be a big hit for Halloween (R.I.P. version), Thanksgiving or Christmas!

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