Connections: It’s a mind game

by Ken

(New Zealand)

Connections: It's a mind game. Sadly out of print 90s board game

Connections: It’s a mind game. Sadly out of print 90s board game

Connections: It’s a mind game
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Connections Europe
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Quick verdict

Connections (It’s a mind game) is a strategy board game which is both simple and still manages to be fun. I would equate it to the classic, and much loved, Connect Four; both are easily understood, short, and involve strategical planning.

The game and gameplay

I recommend Connections to be played with friends or family to liven up a room, or if you have a few minutes to kill before something else.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!This game has been a staple with my family since we first got it.

There’s a problem though, I tried to find this board game through Google, but couldn’t. There were different games with the same name, but I couldn’t find this particular version.
As far as I can discern from the box, this version of Connections was made in New Zealand, and didn’t seem to have been produced beyond there.

If someone is still making this, I highly recommend you buy it. It’s incredibly fun for such a simple game.

Editor’s note: This game is out of print, but was manufactured in Europe. We recommend searching for a copy at rummage sales or on eBay.

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