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If you’re accustomed to CLUE, then our guide to Cluedo board game editions may come as some surprise! In fact this board game was invented in England in 1948, and has always been Cluedo outside North America. All these editions are European, including rare versions you won’t have seen before.

I Didn’t Have a CLUE!

Most people in North America think Cluedo is a spelling error, or a weird British joke. The inventor of Cluedo, Waddingtons, had enjoyed success with Ludo prior to Cluedo’s release, and made the name a hybrid to associate the names in people’s minds. It must have been successful, because Cluedo (and CLUE) is now over 60 years old.

Cluedo the board game is the classic Murder Mystery game!

If you’re wondering about the CLUE board game, in North America that’s what the game has always been known as. The Cluedo name is the original one. There are lots of versions of the game not available in North America, most of which are linked to from this page. What’s striking is the difference between the US and European editions. There are not many licensed versions in the UK (The Simpsons Cluedo and Harry Potter aside).

What you do see a lot of is sub-genre games, experiments that are brave and perhaps not successful, but rare and exciting to collectors. Stuff like Cluedo Carnival and Cluedo Super Sleuth would never have made it in the US. It’s nice to see this kind of risk-taking. Certainly you don’t see the giant Hasbro doing much positive in this vein, and one could make the argument that the company has lost sight of what’s important, cutting costs on product creation with the result that some remakes of games like Hungry Hungry Hippos are unplayably bad these days.

There was also a Clue Movie. It really ought to have been called Cluedo, given that most of the actors were British, but market forces had their way. It’s watchable, but most people won’t really consider it any good. The main selling point was its lead actor, Tim Curry, who is immortalized by his performance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He hams it up much the same in Clue.

We’ve rounded up as many editions the Cluedo board game as we could find, but we’re sure to have missed some. Feel free to add other versions of the cluedo boardgame at our board game reviews page. You can also leave your comments and footprint ratings on each game by clicking on the Comments link at the end of each review. You can also check LIVE eBay listings below.

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