Carcassonne: Traders and Builders

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Carcassonne: Traders and Builders

If you loved the original Carcassonne game, but felt there could be more depth to it, then this expansion is made for you!

The three main additions to the gameplay are the Trader, the Pig and the Resources.

The Trader: place this tall guy on any work-in-progress city or road when you add to it. Next time you add to the same feature again, you may draw a second tile and play it immediately.

The Pig: place this in any field you have a farmer in and you gain an extra point per city at the end of play.

The Resources: wheat, beer and silk symbols appear on the tiles supplied with the expansion and matching tokens are given to the banker. Every time a player completes a city, any resources contained within its walls are awarded — to the closer, not the person who scores the points! (Of course, if you close your own city, you get both points and resources.)

At the end of play, the person with the most of each resource type is awarded ten extra points. A tie results in both players getting ten points.

These extra dimensions make Carcassonne: Traders and Builders a must-buy add-on to your basic set.

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