Carcassonne the Count

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Carcassonne the Count

This small expansion adds the 12 tiles that represent the actual city of carcassonne and are the starting tiles for the game. During the game, players who help others score points may place followers in the city and later move them to scoring features outside the city. Yet another new way to play this great game! Product Description Another great expansion to the classic Carcassonne game, with new tiles and an ever-present Count that can be moved to one of the city’s four quarters. When a player places a follower in Carcassonne, he may then move the Count to any of the city’s 4 quarters, which prevents other players from moving their followers from the Count’s quarter. The Count of Carcassonne is not a complete game by itself, and must be played with Carcassonne. Includes 12 new city tiles and 1 wooden figure the Count.

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