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Quick verdict

The Candyland board game is a fun, simple game for young children. It’s something of an American classic, billed as “The first board game your child will play.” Its simple design and easy learning curve will make it a perfect way to introduce game playing to your growing family.

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The Candy Land Game is a simple game of color recognition that will introduce gently to kids the concept of an organized boardgame.

Players take turns to pick up a card. Each card has a color marked on it. The player advances their token to the next square of that color.

Some cards send you directly to a special location or character square. These have fun, candy-themed names, like Mr. Mint, Mama Ginger Tree, Lolly and Lord Licorice, or Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain.

The game lasts longer if you allow players to be sent backwards to these squares (though the rules suggest that this is not allowed).

If the card drawn has two color marks instead of one, the player can move ahead two squares of that color. If a player lands on a square with a dot, they are stuck until they draw another card of that color.

The winner is the first player to land on the rainbow at the end of the track of squares.

Pros and cons

Candyland the board game is very visually appealing and hits the sweet spot for its target audience.

Simple to learn and play, it will allow for interaction between young children and their parents or carers.

Its obvious weakness it its simplicity, which like many games for very young children, is also its strength. It has little appeal as a family experience (assuming there are children of mixed ages playing), as older players will tire of the concept.

The verdict

Colorful and fun, your kids will enjoy this simple introduction to organized board games. Not even requiring your children to count, The Candyland board game is the simplest of concepts. May pall quickly if played too often.

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Candy Land

by Bob


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My very favorite board game is Candy Land. It is an old classic. I like to play it with my nieces and nephews, because it is a simple game that they can learn to play quickly without knowing how to read.

It helps them to learn their colors and, because there are cards with one and two color squares on them, early counters can benefit from differentiating between ‘one’ and ‘two’. It also does not utilize a spinner, which for young children is difficult to handle. It has a lot of fun colors and pictures of a fantastical place that any child would kill to visit.

Candy Land also is a fairly short game. Many board games seem to last for ever and ever. Candyland is fairly quick anyway, but you can speed it up if you sneak a few of the special space cards into the upper part of the deck.

Many times, young children do not understand the concept of being sent backwards on the board if they get a special card that is not in their favor. But slightly older children become more interested in playing by the rules.

Colorful to the max. Your kids will love the theme.

Super-easy to explain and play.

Lots of replay value (for kids — this might be a con if you’re the adult who’s supervising!).

Very simple, will pall quickly for kids who are too advanced.

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The Verdict

Candyland has its place. It’s easy to understand, but as a parent I prefer using games as teaching aids for more than colors and sportsmanship. What’s so wrong with board games teaching letters, numbers, reading and math?

Click to search for Candy Land Games on Amazon!
Click to search for Candy Land Games on Amazon!

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