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Click to buy Candy Land Dora the Explorer PC game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Candy Land Dora the Explorer PC game

This is actually a very cute video game. As well as the Candy Land gameplay you’d expect, there are plenty of mini-games, cut scenes and good graphics and sound. It scored over 4 stars on Amazon!

While there are no real surprises in the way the game plays, you will find your kids are badgering you for another game. That’s because the essence of Dora the Explorer — a “curiosity” type of cartoon, where kids are encouraged to shout out at the TV as they find hidden people and items — carries over to this video game rather well.

The intro screen has Dora “bring the players” to the start. Naturally we’d prefer to see your children actually playing a board game, and drawing the cards themselves, but if they have to play a video game, then this is well done.
Click to buy Candy Land Dora the Explorer PC game from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!

Gameplay continues as normal, with the counters, or in this case, Dora the Explorer characters, moving ahead to the selected colors, with the goal of the Fiesta, rather than the Candy King’s castle, to reach at the end of the track.

Where this game differs from other Candy Land games is in the mini games, which challenge players to mix recipes and so on. Note that these mini games are far more challenging and complex than the actual Candyland board game, which is designed to be played by 2-4 year old children. Many of them would struggle with the actual mini games, so you could end up with frustrated kids. However, you can turn off the mini games.

Ultimately though, this game is well done. With excellent graphics, and sound and music that are spot on with the show, you will not have too many Dora fans complaining that this is not to their liking.

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