Caitlin Tull

by Caitlin T.

(Virginia, USA)

Caitlin Tull was board gaming from a tender age

Caitlin Tull was board gaming from a tender age

Hey, I’m Caitlin, I’m an avid gamer, I love board games! I mastered Perfection at a very young age, I loved Operation and Connect Four. I was an only child, so I typically learned to play games by myself.

But that was good for me, I learned how to play well, so I could beat the pants off of other kids! Me, competitive? Nah! My husband and I often break out some games and popcorn and the night of fun begins!

I’m going to school full-time to get my degree in Education, I love to write and sing at karaoke bars. My friends have several children that I’ve “adopted” and I’m trying to teach them the wonderful world of board games. My son is too small to learn right now, he’s six months, but super cute!

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