Bookworm Adventures game

by Amanda Nettgen


Bookworm Adventures!

Bookworm Adventures

Rating out of five:


+ A whopping army of over 150 unique enemies
+ Has won numerous awards in both 2006 and 2007
+ Good medley of adventure and action with tons of special powers and challenges
– The violence basis may not thrill some parents

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When it comes to Bookworm Adventures, think Boggle on a battlefield. It’s a spelling game meets RPG.

A lovable green worm named Lex is minding his own business, surrounded by what else but books, when the librarian tells him that a chick named Cassandra is in danger.

Lex is instantly transported to storybook land, where he must fight enemies from all colors of the rainbow in order to rescue The Oracle and preserve The Great Library.

Anyone who has played Boggle or other word games will catch on easily to the basic objective. Spell words from a randomly arranged grid as you please (they don’t have to touch).

Take your time to think through it and come up with some good ones, because for some reason your rivals are unusually patient and won’t attack you until you give the first blow. Aim to spell words that result in compliments from Lex (usually five or more letters).

When you’re satisfied with your Scrabble game style submission, hit Attack and watch as one or more of your foe’s hearts go into cardiac arrest (depending on how powerful your word was).

Then brace yourself, as it’s the bad guy’s turn to fight back. Lex has a limited number of hearts as well, an amount that increases as you fill your experience bar and “level up”.

Gameplay proceeds quickly as you defeat one enemy after another, leading up to a Boss Battle. If you’re successful at crushing this end-of-the-level problem, a special treasure is awarded to help you out in the next chapters.

These powers are things that aide in protecting Lex, or boost the words that you form. Bad guys can come with abilities, too, so don’t get to thinking that you are now invincible.

Bookworm Adventures was crafted using a lot more time and money than other casual games on the market. It shows, and certainly paid off!

Bookworm Adventures has a perfect balance of creativity, difficulty and cuteness. It’s flashier than Scrabble, but is by no means less quality as far as mental stimulation is concerned.

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