BoardgameBeast Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt

by Tom Warin

(Salem, MA)

Click here to see the women's V-neck Boardgame Beast T-shirt at CafePress and show the Beast some skin!Click to buy this item from CafePress!Women’s V-neck Boardgame Beast T-Shirt

What on this good Earth can sooth the rage of the savage, pants-optional Boardgame Beast?

For sure, a couple of games of Catan, maybe some Scrabble, he likes any games with Zombies because they remind him of his mother; these are all things that his dark nature craves.

But you know, it wouldn’t hurt to show him a little skin, too. He’s a classic B-movie monster, for crying out loud, and you know how they love the ladies.

The hard-working boffins at the Oklahoma Tee-Shirt Design Institute have come up with a new innovation – a V-neck for women’s tee-shirts. It’s scientifically calibrated to show just enough skin to satisfy the savage beast, but not enough to get him too riled-up, if you know what I mean.

See how the subtle women's V-neck Boardgame Beast T-shirt works its magic on the Beast's riled-upness!The gentle V will accentuate the neck (not recommended that you wear it around vampires) and the black fabric is easy on the sensitive eyes of monsters. The prototype is available from CafePress.

The Boardgame Beast has been adopted as the mascot of, mainly because he turned up outside the office and wouldn’t leave, or put his pants on, until they agreed to do so. Nobody knows where he gets his selection of boardgames from, but it is always excellent and rarely splattered with mysterious bloodstains. What a lovable scamp he is!

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