Board Games Critic: Board Game Reviews, Guides and Industry News

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Board Games Critic

Board Games Critic

Board Games Critic: Board Game Reviews, Guides and Industry News

At the Board Games Critic website we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive information possible from the world of board games. The past time of board games is somewhat of a dying interest and it’s our aim at Board Games Critic to try and bring back some of that interest to the world in the form of our online resource and community.

The Board Games Critic website is divided into several major sections including board game reviews, buying guides, industry news, general information and our board game resource directory.

Our board game information provides a resource for some of the most classic and popular board games in history. So if you’ve ever wanted to know who designed a particular game, when it was made or what the general theme is, then be sure to stop by and look at our board game information resource.

The board game reviews are provided by independent visitors to our website and give you the chance to have your say and provide your own rating for a particular board game you may have an opinion about.

Our regular industry news provides you with the latest up to date articles from the world of board games, so make sure you take the time to subscribe to our RSS feed so you’re sure not to miss out on the latest happenings.

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