Barbarossa board game

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Barbarossa board game

Another of the Klaus Teuber board games which won a Spiel des Jahres award (in 1988 — the game has been updated several times since), Barbarossa tasks you with modelling sculptures out of plasticine! But don’t worry, that’s where the similarities with the Cranium game end.

Create two items from a list using your clay and place them on the board. Don’t worry if you’re a cack-handed artist: this is only supposed to be a rough impression of whatever-it-is!

Other players have to ask you questions about your object which may be answered “Yes” or “No”. They then may write down guesses and if they guess correctly, they stick a flag into your model. The first two players to guess each model get points. Continues below

The sculptor can also get points depending on how soon or late their models are correctly guessed. So it doesn’t pay to be TOO accurate in your designing!

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