Atlantis board game

by The Beast!

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Atlantis board game

Can you escape a watery grave in the mythical city of Atlantis? This game is played on a set of interlocking tiles, but unlike the Carcassonne game, you have to set it up the same way each time. Tile-laying is just the set-up.

There’s a decent amount of strategy here, but the main attraction is the simplicity of the rules and the fact that you can complete a game within half an hour or so and can easily be taught to new players.

That’s not to put down the gameplay at all. Atlantis has a nice balance, yet is quick. Keep it on hand to play between longer games, or when people are waiting for other players to arrive at a gaming session. 2-4 players, ages 10 and up. Younger players may be able to enjoy this game with some adult supervision.

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