Anasazi board game

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Anasazi board game

A game based on the archeology of the deep south-west USA constructed by an ancient civilization — the Asazi people — seems like a strong starting point. Throw in the fact that it’s from the creator of the incredible Carcasonnne game and you will conclude that this is a game you must own.

The gameplay revolves around searching and expeditions, with the ultimate goal of finding treasure. You can also steal treasure tokens from the other players under certain circumstances, which makes for some revenge play (this happens a lot in Carcassonne if the right/wrong personality types clash!). Continues belowYou score points for treasures and map areas you discover/”own”. The Anasazi board game is a quick-to-play offering that can cause minor fights amongst players (never a bad thing for the spectators!), which is better than the box makes it look. Slow setup and fiddly pieces aside, this is a game you should consider.

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