Amazonas board game

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Amazonas board game

The jungle might seem like an unlikely setting for a Ticket to Ride-style board game, but that’s exactly what you’ll be encountering with Amazonas.

Whereas Ticket to Ride might not appeal to female gamers, being railway-themed and therefore “geeky”, Amazonas has plenty of appeal to the fairer sex, with graphics and tokens which are undeniably “cute” and colorful, with animals, insects and even thatched huts! Continues below
Amazonas’ gameplay seems somehow “co-petition” rather than competition, which is really an illusion. It’s still every (wo)man for themselves, yet there are relatively few occasions when you can upset your opponent by deliberate spoiler tactics. Compare that to the likes of the Carcassonne game, which, while appealing to play with Meeples and tactile tiles, can descend into a childish farce if two players have it in for one another (or everybody else).

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