Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle

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Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle by Mayfair Games

As ABBA remind us every time our sappy female relatives get out the Greatest Hits CD, at Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender. Recreate this most famous of battles with a wargame from Mayfair Games.

Wargames can be really hard to get going with: sometimes there are so many rules, pieces and options that you’ll want to give up and start a video game version instead. But Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle is not one of the hardest games to get a grip on, even if the rules are not perfectly written. Continues belowThe game’s very good-looking and the pieces are of excellent quality. Attack and defense is based on a hand of cards dealt to you at the beginning and it can take some time deciding what to do on your turn. Wargames are seldom quick affairs though, so this probably isn’t a bad point.

Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle may not appeal to die-hard wargamers, as it comes without additional scenarios and may be a bit lightweight. That said, a certain type of gamer is going to like that — people who don’t have the time to play a days-long wargame may well appreciate the relative simplicity.

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