Sentinels of the Multiverse

by Gary Walts

(Montreal Board Game Meetup)

Click to buy Sentinels Of The Multiverse!Click to buy this item from eBay!Sentinels Of The Multiverse
Card game manufacturer:
Greater Than Games
Number of players:
60 mins

Quick Verdict

Sentinels Of The Multiverse is a fun, light, action packed co-operative card game with fantastic comic-book style artwork and infinite re-playability.

The game and gameplay

Taking place in the world of Sentinel Comics, each player picks from one of the ten super heroes available to battle against one of four random villains, in one of four random environments.

Each hero and villain is represented with a unique deck of cards, representing their unique abilities and traits. Environments each feature several hazards that can aid or hinder each side. The combination or hero, villain, and environments make for a chaotic clash between good and evil that actually feels like a fight scene in a comic-book or superhero movie.

Sentinels Of The Multiverse comes with all the cards you need to play, and a rules booklet that goes over the basic mechanics of the game. The back story for each hero is also found in the rules, and is a ball to read aloud with first time players.Click to buy Sentinels Of The Multiverse!Click to buy this item from eBay!

If there is a fault to the game, it’s there they chose not to include dice or tokens to track the hit points of the characters. You would need your own dice, or pen-and paper, to keep track.

Pros and cons

You would be hard pressed to find a game this both fun and this thematic. Comic-book fans will find the card artwork loaded with easter eggs, making it clear which real-world comic-book hero inspired each character.

There are enough cards to be able to run up to three seperate games out of the box!

That no dice or health counters are included with the game is strange. The designers justify this by saying it keeps the cost of the game down.

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The Verdict

You don’t need to love comics to enjoy Sentinels. Even people who only know of Spider-Man or Superman will get what this game is about in a heartbeat, and enjoy it. Look! Up in the Sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it 5 footprints out of 5!
 (don’t ask me why footprints are just chillin’ in the sky, just go with it)

Click to buy Sentinels Of The Multiverse!
Click to buy this item from eBay!

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