Play Trivial Pursuit online

by Amanda Nettgen


Play Trivial Pursuit online!

Play Trivial Pursuit online

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+ Trivial Pursuit is no longer long and drawn-out!
+ Being able to pass for a profit is invaluable
+ It’s an interactive and fun trivia experience
– There’s not enough time to Google the answers. Ha!

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Trivial Pursuit Turbo

is the traditional quest for knowledge and pie pieces, just on Energizer batteries. You can play by yourself for some fast and amusing enlightenment, or against others in score for some big cash prizes.

Trivial Pursuit Turbo is courteous in that it lets you choose the order in which you want to do your categories, the topics you select first being the ones that will be worth the most points. You’ll need to make it snappy when deciding which subject to work on, though, as this game has the word “turbo” on the end of it after all.Play Trivial Pursuit online!
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The categories contained in this game are all classic topics from the Trivial Pursuit board game: Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, Geography, Entertainment and History.

The question in your desired subject will be presented to you just like one of the board game cards. As you might have guessed, you have a very limited amount of time when you play Trivial Pursuit online to pick what you think the right answer is out of a group of 4 options. The faster you answer, the more points you will scoop up, and you’ll acquire a pie piece for the current topic if you get the question right.Play Trivial Pursuit online!
Click to play Trivial Pursuit Turbo online for fun or REAL CASH!

If you have no clue what the answer is as per usual in Trivial Pursuit, it’s better to take the points you can get for passing rather than answering incorrectly and receiving zero.

I really like how they have this option; it makes play move even faster, and does not allow time for me to dwell on my knowledge inadequacies! You can also wait for some of the answers to be eliminated as each tier of the countdown is passed.Play Trivial Pursuit online!
Click to play Trivial Pursuit Turbo online for fun or REAL CASH!

At the end of 12 questions you’ll be granted a total score based on your right answers, passes, and whether you were able to fill up the pie.

Trivial Pursuit Turbo is another keeper when it goes to games at WorldWinner that are worth playing by yourself. Be prepared to have a real “battle of the brains” when entering a contest, though!

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Oct 08, 2011


by: Anonymous

boring game

Jul 09, 2011

Very good

by: Anonymous

very good

Mar 12, 2011

let me play

by: Anonymous

i want to play trivial persuit!

Jan 29, 2011


by: clotje trivial site

Dec 29, 2010


by: /b/rother

Trivial Pursuit is a pretty cool guy, eh make questions and doesnt afraid of anything

Dec 27, 2010


by: Anonymous


Dec 24, 2010

trival purusit

by: Anonymous

I love it!!!

Dec 22, 2010

Love Tricia

by: Anonymous

love trivia

Dec 18, 2010


by: Anonymous


Nov 30, 2010


by: Anonymous


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