Hammacher and Schlemmer: Amazing Gifts

Hammacher and Schlemmer supplies incredible gift choices for all budgets and requirements. The company is the best-regarded online and mail-order catalog in the US and Canada.

Why Shop Hammacher Schlemmer?

Hammacher Schlemmer’s customer service is very highly regarded. You can return any item within 30 days, with no questions asked. Most of the time you will be delighted though! The company has an amazing reputation for supplying thousands of amazing, truly stop-and-stare incredible, gift items. On top of which, many of them are actually useful, not just ‘Uncle Bob would like this’ whimsical purchases.

A lot of this reputation stems from the research and testing done before listing items in their very readable catalogs. Hammacher Schlemer’s team of testers reads all the available consumer reports and only recommends the best-rated items for its Hammacher Schlemmer discount catalog. Their prices are often the best available, too!

Sitting by a fire with cocoa and a copy of the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog is an experience unto itself. You won’t believe the kind of stuff they have dug up, from Wurlitzer juke boxes to actual working submarines. Yes, seriously. Submarines.

For those of us without $2m to spend on a personal submarine, here’s some highlights from the catalog:

Remote Control Water Pistol Jeep

Yes! Finally a way to soak your little sister and get away clean and clear. Drive the jeep up, spray via remote control, and off into the sunset.

Darth Vader CD Player

The only thing wrong with the Star Wars Trilogy? Not enough ways to play John Williams’ brilliant music. As you watched old Vader struggle with the choice between saving Luke or watching him fry, wouldn’t you have just loved to have been able to flip open his helmet and slap in a CD to lighten the mood? Now you can.

The Magic Wand Remote Controller

Harry Potter fans! Wouldn’t you love to cast a spell and switch TV channels? No? Well, anyway, you can, with this amazingly silly gadget. And it really works! Pretend to be banishing the show you’re watching to the netherworld with one practised flick of your remote control wand.

iPad Arcade Console

Plug your iPod into this 1/4 scale arcade console, and you can play classic Atari games using the iPad joystick!

We’re on the lookout for Hammacher and Schlemmer coupon code resources. If you own any of the products listed here, send us board game reviews.

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