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+ Same classic gameplay that has won the gameshow millions of fans over the decades
+ Crisp sound and music
+ Much improved graphics over the original game really add to the atmosphere
– What no Vanna?! Geek males will be most distraught!

Get the Wheel of Fortune game for many formats, including Mac, PC, Wii and XBox 360!

Wheel of Fortune for the PC is the at-home version of the addictive television show. Game play is a simple concept, but it works. It will remind you of Hangman.

Play is pretty much just like the show. You start by picking an avatar and customizing him or her with a few rudimentary hair, skin, and outfit colors and styles. After you’re all made up and ready for your fifteen minutes of fame, you’ll move on to completing three puzzles.

Your first round is just basic Wheel of Fortune. Give the wheel a spin, as hard or as soft as you’d like (although controlling the power of the spin honestly doesn’t seem to do much).

You’ll land on a hundred dollar amount, Bankrupt, Free Spin, $10,000, or Lose a Turn. For normal spins, point and click an available consonant to try and guess what’s in the puzzle.

Vowels aren’t free in the Wheel of Fortune 2 PC game and will cost you $250 of your earnings to play. The places where the letter in question lie (if any) will light up, and your selected dollar amount will be multiplied by the frequency of the correct letter. Keep going in this manner until you are able to (or want to) solve the puzzle.

You may want to know how the special spins listed above work. Bankrupt does what it says; you lose all of the money you acquired thus far for that round (but not overall, thankfully). Obtaining a Free Spin chip requires you to supply a correct consonant first (the $10,000 prize space also follows this rule). You can use Free Spins after you’ve blown through your five strikes.

Next up in the Download Wheel of Fortune game will be the Jackpot round, presenting you the chance to win a lump sum Jackpot if you land on the space and can solve the board. Hit J in the alphabet, but it’s too early in the game to decipher what the answer is? Tough luck; the chance to win the prized pot will vanish if you don’t get the puzzle right the first time.

After another round, you will be taken to the finale: a bonus board where you pre-select a secret cash prize and must solve a small puzzle rapidly. The common letters of R, S, T, L, N, and E will be provided in the final phrase that you must deduce. It’s your job to pick three more consonants and one vowel. You’ll have ten seconds to work it out, scoring your hidden cash prize if successful. Last winnings will be added to your game score for a high score.

Fans or those familiar with the show should enjoy the Wheel of Fortune 2 game. For everybody else, though, it’s a pretty one-dimensional single-player game.

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Aug 19, 2010

1 2 have

by: Anonymous

I 1 2 have this game! thx for the link

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