Doctor Who Monopoly

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

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Board game manufacturer:
Winning Moves
Number of players:
2-4 hours

Quick verdict

Everybody’s favorite board game gets the Timelord treatment! Yes, it’s Monopoly Doctor Who, and the bad news for North American collectors is that it’s only available in the UK.

The game and gameplay

You wouldn’t expect major innovations from a product that is a themed Monopoly edition. The joy of Monopoly for its collectors (and also the principal drawback for those who dislike it) is that every version is the same, apart from the place names, Monopoly playing pieces (but more on that in a moment), cards and house and hotel tokens.

Doctor Who is no different in this regard, other than the 5,000 limited-run to appeal to collectors (not that you will find that information repeated anywhere on the box, not even a certificate — do Winning Moves REALLY know what makes collectors tick?!). What you will find when you open the box is a rather nice board with lots of themed spaces. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes collectors reach for their credit cards, so I’m happy to report that the fun doesn’t end there.

The bad news is that the tokens are all regular ones (boot, dog) and just the TARDIS token is Doctor Who themed. That’s a cheap oversight in my opinion, and one which collectors will be really frustrated by.

But the good news on the theme front is that Chance and Community Chest cards are all Who themed, plus the property names and other spaces.

Not since the 1970s have I wanted a Doctor Who board game as much as I want this one. Remember the Weetabix Doctor Who board game? I drove my mum crazy collecting all four board pieces, and she sent off for the TARDIS dice shaker for me too. Long gone now.

Here’s a guy unboxing his copy of the game: