Custom Leather Monopoly Board

by Tom Warin

Custom Leather Monopoly Board: a beautiful addition to your Monopoly collection

Custom Leather Monopoly Board: a beautiful addition to your Monopoly collection

Custom Leather Monopoly Board

Tonight on Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, we visit the palatial mansion of George “Bank Error In Your Favor” McGillicuddy, professional board gamer, one-time pastry thief, and amateur hedonist.

Having earned millions on the professional Monopoly circuit, and having parlayed those millions into billions by investing in board game related tee-shirts, George pays tribute to his roots with every inch of his mansion.

A huge topiary in the shape of Mr. Moneybags towers over the front gate which leads visitors into the gardens, which are laid out as a huge Monopoly board. Enormous replicas of his favorite Monopoly tokens litter the grounds, including the chainsaw from the short-lived and extremely rare “Evil Dead” special edition game.

When challenged to a game, George pulls out a very special Monopoly set featuring a handmade leather board and specially cast pewter pieces. He tries to claim that it was custom made for him by blind monks in a remote mountainside monastery in Peru, but I know for a fact that you can buy the same set at eBay and that it’s currently on sale. Also, he cheats shamelessly.

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