BeastMail is the crappiest board game ezine around. Guaranteed!

Our board game eZine is the absolute toilet. And we’re proud of that!

So proud, in fact, that if you can find a crappier boardgame eZine anywhere else, we’ll refund you DOUBLE your money. No questions, no quibbles.

Of course, if you PAY for BeastMail, you’re even stupider than this dumb picture of a toilet we found on Goo-, er, I mean, extensively researched.

What’s BeastMail? Why do we spell it in two colours? And why is it so crappy?

You’ll have to join to find out. It may, or may not, feature crappy competitions, special offers and more crap. But no promises.

What it WON’T do: make you instantly rich; be sold to anybody or used for any reason other than to send you BeastMail; anything else (good or bad). It is what it is.

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