These 10 best 2 player board games are suited for those days when you just want to hang out with one person. Whether it be a friend, a spouse, or a date these games are suited for partners. They, for the most part, emphasize strategy and thought more than socializing. This quality is what makes them fit for duos when socializing with a big group isn’t exactly necessary. For varieties sake, this list includes both the wellknown and more obscure. So, expect some favorites, and maybe, some you have never heard of.

Lost Cities: The Board Game


In Lost Cities, you are an adventurer in search for (surprise): lost cities.

Best Boredom Antidote for: when you crave adventure.

In this game, players travel on the board by selecting cards. One has a choice of either moving one’s researcher or explorer. A specific system of earning points decides who is the winner in the end. Lost Cities works great for two people, but it can also be played with up to four. A single game is good for about an hour of entertainment. This adventure has received many good reviews. Players have commented on how nice the board and pieces look. It is also fairly easy to learn how to play.

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Mancala is a peaceful counting game played with stone or glass pieces.

Best Boredom Antidote for: when you want to have a game with your green tea

Mancala is easy to learn.Players pick up stone piles and deposit them one by one into the divets in the board while moving in a circular path. Each end of the board is designated for one competitor. Both people try to get as many stones as possible deposited on their end. In order to win, one must look ahead before choosing which pile to pick up. However, Mancala has more going for it than just competition. The nicest quality of Mancala is probably how soothing it is. The prettiness of colorful stones and the smooth sound of them dropping on the board makes Mancala a calm activity. There is no reading or complicated instructions to follow. The only main downside to Mancala is it is easy to lose the stone pieces. You don’t want to vacuum those up.

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Backgammon is an ancient game that still scores points with modern people.

Best Boredom Antidote for: when you want to keep things traditional

If you haven’t played Backgammon yet, many people have beat you to it. It is one of the oldest games today with its origins going back to Mesopotamian times. Its longevity is due to it being one of the best 2 player games out there. Backgammon is a strategy game in which the goal is to move checkers around the board in order to get them removed (and no, you can’t just flip the board over). Like any game that requires planning and strategy, playing backgammon can be good for your brain health. Some have even called it a brain training exercise. Such mental stimulation could possibly help the brain generate new cells. You can read about that and other ways to improve your mind’s health < a href= :">here .

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You and your partner must work to save the world from disease or you are both doomed.

Best Boredom Antidote for: favoring working with others rather than competition

You might be familiar with the popular online version of Pandemic. In that version, the ultimate goal of Pandemic is to spread disease and to win by essentially destroying the world. Happy right?
The board game version is a little nicer. You instead work through different methods with other players (this game can accept up to 4 players) to help save the world from disease. Well, isn’t that nicer than getting everyone sick? This fun activity offers plenty of entertainment and opportunities for good strategic play. It is very popular.

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Pentago is a super fast brain exercise that can be played with children as young as 8,

Best Boredom Antidote for: when you don’t have a ton of time.

Pentago is an abstract game similar to connect four, but with a few differences. Not surprisingly from its name, the goal is to get 5 of your pieces in a row instead of 4. The board is not stationary though, which is where things get tricky. After each turn, a player must twist the board’s grid. This will change the positions of several pieces. Changing the board’s conformation adds to the confusion and fun of the game. Another neat aspect is it can be played quickly. One match can be short as 5 minutes. Everyone has time for that.

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Othello is a strategy board game that is easy to start on but takes time to get really proficient at.

Best boredom antidote for: When you want a game you can improve on

In Othello, each player plays with either black or white pieces. The goal is to repeatedly flank the other opponent in order to make their color switch over to yours. Players keep going till either no more moves are possible or the board completely fills up with pieces. What’s really cool about Othello is, even though it is easy to start playing, more practice will increase one’s skill. The game gets harder depending on how practiced the person you are playing with is. Some games don’t offer that sort of room for improvement, but since Othello is purely about strategy and not luck, you can hone your skills.

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Eternas pops out of the two dimensional flat world of traditional board games and lets you move up and around.

Best Boredom Antidote for: when you both want to play a game that’s different than the usual.

In Eternas, opponents try to be the first to get four pieces in a row. What makes Eternas different is pieces sit up on pegs in a circle. This means more directions are possible to get four pieces in a row. Players have to pay special attention to what their opponents are doing to watch out for them making that dreaded four in a row. If you are looking for a game with no reading that uses simple visual skills, Eternas might be one of the best out of the 10 2 player board games in this list.

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Quadefy is another three dimensional strategy game for two players.

Best Boredom Antidote for: wanting to do a competitive puzzle.

It’s simple. You play with wooden pieces to basically make a large cube with your opponent. You try to strategies in a way such that your opponent’s last piece ends up “out of bounds” or hanging outside of the walls of the cube. Quadefy is generally recommended for ages four to twelve. It a good puzzle for two similarly aged kids to play. Puzzles may be good for a child’s brain development especially in the area of visual perception..

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City Square Off


In City Square Off, you and your opponent plan out the organization of a city.

Best Boredom Antidote for: those who like to think visually.

For each play, a card is drawn that has a building shape. A player has to then choose how pieces, while still forming this shape, will go onto the board. Beware though, there is limited room. The goal is to be able to keep all your pieces on your board as spaces get filled. City Square off is recommended for children and adults age 8 and older. With a fairly short duration time, this game can be played in as little as 15 minutes. City Square Off is a quick opportunity to practice spatial intelligence and visualization skills.

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Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion clan


A game with a name like Ninja has to be cool, right?

Best Boredom Antidote for: wanting an imaginative game

Ninja is all about strategy and sneaky plays. To play, users first select who they will be. In the case where only two players are involved, one person ends up as a guard and the other as theinvading ninja. From there, the ninja must invade the fortress and complete a mission determined by a playing card. It is the guard’s duty to put a stop to this. This is a highly strategic task with multiple pieces. Even though the maximum number of turns before the game ends is 20, the time to play is about 45 minutes. You’ll have plenty to keep you occupied and entertained with this game.

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Well, there you have it. Strategy laden and fun filled games can brush the boredom away. These games are great options for moments of dull silence when the question, “What should we do now?” receives no answer. Go beat your friend in a strategic match off, or save the world together. Be a ninja. Earn points. Then, go spend the next couple of weeks bragging about every victory. These 10 best two player board games have you covered.

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