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Our board game reviews help you choose the best board games on the planet! Our number one goal is to prevent you from buying another bad board game. Check out this amazing list of the Best Board Games Award Winners.

The market should dictate what's worth buying and what is not, and in time the bad games companies will fail. That's not a lot of consolation when you're in a shop, facing a wall of choices and with limited time.

Our footprint ratings make it easy to see at a glance whether a game is worthy of your time, or not.

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Stuck for gift ideas? Check out these fun collections of themed board game ideas! Be sure to rate them if you've played them.

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Boardgame Beast was started in December 2006. Since then, we've gone from strength to strength, reviewing hundreds of the best board games ever produced, and lots of new releases.

We've started our interpretation of the top 10 board games, which we hope you disagree with! Be sure to write to us with your personal top 10.

How we rate our games: one of our reviewers plays the game multiple times. We confer until a general opinion is agreed upon, though the original writer has the final say in how the game is scored, from one to five footprints (half scores are possible).

One footprint is the lowest rating, and if a game scores just one, you can forget about buying it (really!). Five is the highest, and if a game gets five footprints, it's a true smash.

Each review has a comments link. Click on the link to leave your own rating for the game, plus your own footprint rating from one to five.

Fancy writing reviews for Boardgame Beast? It's easy! Submit a request to the free board games page. Once you've had five reviews or more published, we'll make you an official member of the team, and arrange for new games to be sent directly to you. You'll be paid when your reviews are published, and you can also keep the games you review as a bonus.

Boardgame Beast is based in Quebec, Canada. We try to get out at least once per fortnight and play games with our friends at the Montreal Board Game Meetup. As our young children grow up, we're trying to mix in more games to their leisure time, to get them into the gaming habit early.

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    Yep. The dream is a reality! French version of the game to include REAL Euros for several lucky winning buyers.

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    Gamer Dad T-Shirt

    Gamer Dad T-Shirt (CafePress Kids who play board games with their Dad, especially when their Dad's friends totally blew him off even though everybody's

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    20 Plastic Ninjas (Amazon) Although the industry has made great strides in recent years, there is still a massive shortfall in the number of plastic ninjas

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    Custom Leather Monopoly Board Tonight on Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, we visit the palatial mansion of George Bank Error In Your Favor McGillicuddy,

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    Thank You

    I came to your site by Google searching directions for a game the kids and I wanted to play but had no directions to. I a sooooo glad I did. Your site

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    Ghettopoly board game

    Game: Ghettopoly Board game manufacturer: Out of print due to legal action Number of players: 2-7Quick Verdict The game Ghettopoly is a multi-player parody

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    Notre Dame Board Game Board game manufacturer: Rio Grande Games Number of players: 2-5 Ages: 10yrs+ Time: 60 minsQuick verdict Notre Dame is a fun board

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